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Track glaze is a welcome addition to the secondary glazing products stocked and distributed by Cambrian Plastics under the Easyfix DIY banner, which are designed to reduce heat loss, insulate against noise intrusion and look smart. Track glaze uses PVC Double Sliding Tracks on all sides of the window cavity, Bristle seal on all edges of the glazing sheets and a simple PVC Angle as a finger pull to open and close as required. Each component has self adhesive tape applied for easy installation with a minimum of tools, although the track lengths can be strengthened with other appropriate fixings if you require.

In common with our other DIY glazing systems, Trackglaze is suitable for use where traditional double glazing is not feasible, such as in listed buildings, or where the costs or time available do not justify it. Once you have installed Track glaze, access to your outer windows is simply a slide away for ventilation or cleaning, and it does not need to be removed in summer, just left open, although the glazing sheets can be removed safely in seconds if required.

Another useful feature of Track glaze is that it can be used with more than 2 glazing sheets, depending on the width of the window or your preference, for example, to line up the internal glazing sheets with the outer windows for neatness, or to coincide with the parts of the outer frame that open.

If you are using glass with Track glaze, it is recommended that both height and width are limited to 1500mm in order to make them light enough to install and slide safely. Plastic glazing sheets are lighter, but larger sheets have a tendency to bow vertically under their own weight, so it is recommended that the height of acrylic or polycarbonate sheets within Track glaze is limited to 1000mm (1m). The angle handles included in the kits further reduce the risk of bowing. The ideal shape for glazing panels using this system is wider than taller, to give extra stability when sliding – if in doubt, please ask your glazier or sheet supplier for more advice, and remember that all glazing sheets, but particularly glass, must have sharp edges removed before handling, for safety reasons.

Track glaze is designed for use with 4.5mm Acrylic or Polycarbonate glazing sheets. As shown in the adjacent drawings, after the sliding track is fitted to the window cavity;

  • – firstly the prepared glazing is pushed up into the deep top track,
  • – secondly lifted over the lip of the bottom track,
  • – finally positioned into the corresponding bottom track.

The longer legs of the top track still enclose the glazing, which is insulated on all sides by the Bristle Seal. The installation process is demonstrated and summarised in our video below, and the Track glaze instructions PDF contains comprehensive information on measuring up, installation and safety.

Track glaze packs include Easyfix Surface Preparation Wipes, to clean and degrease the window area before applying the self adhesive tracks. Extra sachets of the wipes are also available.

Track Glaze Products


  • 3x 1000mm Length – Deep Track (Top & Sides)
  • 1x 1000mm Length – Shallow Track (Bottom)  Bristle Strip and Handle Angle


  • 3x 2000mm Length – Deep Track (Top & Sides)
  • 1x 2000mm Length – Shallow Track (Bottom)  Bristle Strip and Handle Angle

* Each Kit comprises 3 lengths of deeper Top Double Sliding Track, 1 length of shallower Bottom Sliding Track, 2 lengths of Angle, a 6m or 12m coil of Bristle Seal and 3 or 6 sachets of Surface Preparation Wipes (for 1m or 2m pack size respectively).


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