Supplier of Acrylic and Polycarbonate components for over 40 years

Cambrian Plastics has been a leading fabricator and supplier of Acrylic and polycarbonate components for over 40 years.

The Cambrian age was the first age of history and as the name suggests Cambrian plastics was a pioneer in the New Zealand plastics industry having provided development advice to many industry sectors over the years such as Vacuum forming development and support for much of the bathroom ware and shower industry.

Cambrian plastics today continues to pioneer new and innovative products and process, the business has been under its current ownership for the last ten years and they have driven a can do attitude which has seen significant growth within the business. Key to our success has been the retention of highly experienced staff and the ability for those staff to drive process improvements that has seen us able to maintain cost levels, while developing new products and embedding new process.

An equipment renewal and replacement program have driven productivity to new highs with equipment such as Laser cutters, and diamond edge polishing machines increasing quality and ensuring Cambrian remains at the cutting edge.

Cambrian plastics supplies product throughout Auckland, Nationally and Internationally.