EasyFix Edging Strip

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Flexible edging strip held with clips and screws.

Cambrian Plastics are stockists and distributors of the EasyFix Secondary Glazing Edging system that is simple and quick to install using a minimum of tools.

Like all of our EasyFix Secondary Glazing products, the EasyFix Edging system lowers heat loss to reduce fuel costs, eliminating draughts and reducing noise penetration.

We recommend using 3mm Acrylic sheet with EasyFix or 4.5mm can be used for larger windows if extra rigidity is required.
We offer a full cut to size service to provide you with all your acrylic panels.
For Double Glazing we only use Plexiglas branded acrylic, a high quality sheet with a 30 year guarantee.

Click through for details of all the DIY Glazing systems we offer.

EasyFix glazing edgings are made from flexible PVC in clear, brown and white.
The 4mm and 3mm glazing edging strip sizes are suitable for plastic glazing sheets.

The edging strip is placed onto the edge of the plastic sheet with corners easily formed using a mitre gauge (a feature unique to the EasyFix system), giving a neat accurate finish.
The edged sheet is then secured to the window frame with nylon fixing clips and woodscrews.

The clips are 9.5mm wide at the base, and high enough to enclose the thickness of glazing sheet that describe them plus the Easyfix edging strip.

The whole seasonal glazing system is easily detachable in warmer weather, and can be re-used time after time.


  • Glass or plastic sheet
  • Turnbutton removal
  • Screwed to frame
  • 3mm to 4.5mm glazing
  • Install inside or out



  • Edging Strips – Priced Per Meter in 3mm to 4mm in clear, white and brown – $3.75 to $3.95 per metre
  • Fixing Clips – Priced for 12 in 3mm – 4mm in natural and brown – $7.55 a pack
  • Prepack Kit 15m – Priced for 15m and 72 Clips in 3mm – 4mm – $73.60 to $79.30 a kit


  • Screwdriver
  • Craft knife or similar
  • Ball-point pen
  • Tape measure