Plastic Fabrication Quality

At Cambrian Plastics our business is driven with a focus on our customers and guided by Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). The Plastic fabrication business is extremely varied having clearly defined workplace roles and processes ensures we provide a consistent product offer.

Our Inputs are purchased from a range of leading global suppliers. Our key performance target is to ensure fit for purpose products and services for your plastic requirements.

Control of Internal process is an ongoing passion for us. Our team of experienced operators ensures each product is tracked through our design and manufacturing process to ensure a complete understanding. A pre-production trial is often conducted followed by a process and client meeting to ensure the best manufacturing method has been followed. As a product progresses into full production regular team meetings are conducted to ensure quality of input and process are refined and where possible process times are reduced to minimise costs for our clients.

At the end of the day our clients will measure our ability to provide a quality product and our industry longevity is our reward!