Shower Wall Linings

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Our Shower Wall Linings are custom made from Acrylic Capped ABS sheet. Acrylic Capped ABS is highly specified thermoplastic sheet to meet the needs of transport, industrial and construction markets. It is offers outstanding finishing qualities such as a gloss finish, scratch resistance and impact resistance  making it the most suitable material for your bathroom.

Key Features
• Excellent surface aesthetics with high gloss
• Good impact cover
• High stiffness
• Good chemical resistance
• Easy to clean surface
• Superior Bonding qualities
• Excellent moulding characteristics
• Highly UV resistance
• Dimensionally stable
• Excellent heat resistance
• Anti-microbial treatment

We are able to place folds into the sheet to allow your shower walls to be totally enclosed or the pieces can be cut to size ready for installation. We are able to provide a quote for you.


  • All possible sizes up to 3200mm x 2000mm or 3300mm x 1950mm cut to size is avaliable within either of these dimensions.
  • Although all sizes are avaliable our standard heights are: 1830 | 1950 | 2000