Noise Stop Tape 25mm x 3mm x 25m Roll

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Noise Stop Tape
Noise Stop Tape helps prevent your clear roofing creaking, which can be caused by changes in temperature. It also has many other useful applications. Suitable for use on Polycarbonate, PVC and fibreglass roofing. Alsynite One Noise Stop Tape is weather-resistant and chemically inert.

Some other practical uses:
Door and Window Seals
Panel Sealing and Weather-proofing
Scratch protection
Access door closure seals
Vibration isolation

Technical specifications
Back Channel Infill Strip

Profile: Corrugate / Greca

Colour: Grey

Length: 3.6m

height: 20mm x 25mm

Inserted inside metal Back Channel Flashing to prevent leaking at walls and fascia.

Qty Pack

50, 250, 1000