Multi Brochure Holder Custom Made


Multi Brochure Holders is a solution for doctors, dentists, schools and government departments, or those busy offices with too many brochures on the counter. These are custom made to your requirements that can be made to fit any space and any sized brochures (including several different sizes on the one panel).

The brochure holders have a rear panel that can be made in a variety of colours, including clear, and is mounted to the wall in a variety of ways; Chrome dome screw covers, standoffs, or even as simple as double sided tape.

Brochure holders can have pockets for multiple brochures or certificate type holders to display one poster or brochure examples. Standard pocket sizes fit standard paper sizes of A4, A5, A6 and DLE, but we have also made them for folders, and posters of up to A1 size and down to paint chip sizes for paint sample boards.

Generally we would make rows of the same sized pockets and this can be done either as one continuous pocket with dividers OR individually folded pockets.

For ease of transport it is sometimes advisable to make several smaller units than one large unit, this reduces the likelihood of breakages when shipping by couriers etc.

Locally we can also provide an installation service for our wall mounted brochure holders, the cost of which will vary dependant on the construction of the wall and the time taken to install.

If you would like a quote for a custom made Multi Wall Brochure Holder, please email us with your width and height required for the backboard, how many rows of brochures and what size brochure holders required, and we will design a custom fit holder for you.

These products are fabricated to order and have a lead time of approximately 10 days, but please advise any requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.