Caravan Bubble Window


Double Glazed Windows – yes we can make them.

We will manufacture windows very close to the original in a marine grade acrylic. The exterior colour is your choice. The inside colour (flat back) is made in clear.

To do this we need the original window (even if smashed) as we use this to make a template. The hinges and latches are also used from the old window. New latches are available as replacements but at a cost.

  • We will require your old windows to use as a template and as a donor window for the components on your new window. If parts are missing we may be able to assist but we either need your old window OR another window same as the one to be made, so we can make the mould and get the fixings in the correct place.
  • Colour will vary from the original due to range limitations in New Zealand and fading over time. New Zealand sheet colours tend to be significantly darker than European sheet, so consideration should be taken to replace all 3 front windows, if one only is being replaced. Colours available are clear, light grey tint, dark grey tint, bronze tint and glass edge. If you wish to have samples please contact us and we can send them to you.
  • Printed dots around the edge of the window are not able to be replicated.
  • Please recognize that we will make every attempt to make the window exactly as per the sample but due to the vagrancies of the moulding process and sheet shrinkage’s there may be some minor differences in design.
  • New latches are available at a cost. Please advise and we will arrange these for you. Latches are glued on the inside of the window so we must have them before the window is glued together. If they are screw through fittings, we can do without them but still require the old window to ensure the new holes are put in the correct place. Stays will not be attached to your new window.

At Cambrian Plastics Ltd we aim to have our Caravan Bubble Windows completed within 4 – 6 weeks. However, if we are required to fabricate your order,  This may be extended due to the current workload.

Price Indication :

Small Window
Up to 600×1000 (0.60m2)
$702.00 + GST
Small Hinge $140.00 + GST

Medium Window
Up to 1200×1200 (1.44m2)
$1098.00 + GST
Medium Hinge $165.00 + GST

Large Window
Bigger than 1200×1200 (1.44m2)
$1235.00 + GST
Large Hinge $192.50 + GST

For more information see our flyer here.