Riser Sets
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Riser Sets

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Product Description

Our Riser Sets are made from 3mm Clear or Black Acrylic sheet that is folded to create a step. Each set comes with 4 different size heights and widths.

Riser Set A –

  • 100mm w x 100mm d x 100mm h
  • 125mm w x 125mm d x 125mm h
  • 150mm w x 150mm d x 150mm h
  • 175mm w x 175mm d x 175mm h

Riser Set B –

  • 230mm w x 120mm d x 50mm h
  • 240mm w x 120mm d x 100mm h
  • 250mm w x 120mm d x 150mm h
  • 160mm w x 120mm d x 200mm h

Riser Set c –

  • 200mm w x 90mm d x 53mm h
  • 180mm w x 90mm d x 43mm h
  • 160mm w x 90mm d x 33mm h
  • 140mm w x 90mm d x 23mm h


Additional Information

Riser Set

A, B, C


Clear, Black


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