Light Diffuser

Light Diffuser

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Product Description

We use two light diffuser products – Y12 and Y15 Prismatic Panels. An alternative to diffuser products is to utilize translucent acrylic (Opal, Light Opal, Satin Glass, Satin Ice)

Y12 Prismatic Panel

Y12 is the original prismatic pattern lighting panel whose overall efficiencies and lamp concealment qualities have become the benchmark in the industry. Y12 has a 5mm diagonal female prism pattern that provides maximum efficiency and good brightness control in the direct glare zone.

Y15 Prismatic Panel

Y15 Prismatic Panel has been engineered to provide rigid structural characteristics needed to span extra wide luminaries, while presenting a flat appearance. The 9.5mm square based female prisms, which run parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the panel, which creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance that has seen Y15 used in many architectural applications.


  • Light output ratio of 74%
  • Unified glare rating of 22
  • Material exceeds recognised standards
  • Under normal internal conditions the lenses will perform satisfactorily for 20 years



  • Sky Domes
  • Illuminated ceilings
  • General Office
  • Natural lighting
  • Retail areas
  • Schools
  • Clinical facilities


Product Range, Thickness

  • Y 12 Prismatic Panel, 2.5mm
  • Y15 Prismatic Panel, 4.4mm



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