Donation Box Floor Mounted
Donation Box Floor MountedDonation Box Floor MountedDonation Box Floor MountedDonation boxDonation Box Floor Mounted

Donation Box Floor Mounted Custom Made

Product Description

Our Cambrian Donation box floor mounted and the rest of our Donation box range are proven to pay for themselves many times over.  Our range allows you to chose the most appropriate for your charity and the space that you can get from your supportive retailers.  The XS,S, Two tone and Mini are all small units that retail shop owners can generally find a space for on their counter.  Being clear some clients like to seed their boxes with a few notes or coins which seems to help generate more income.  At Cambrian we recognise that charities do not have a lot of funds to purchase donation boxes, and as such work very hard to keep the costs as low as possible so that you maximise you return..

The Donation box floor mounted on the other hand is a larger box, more commonly used for bigger competitions and/or advertisements it is a statement in the room and can’t be missed, it looks very good screenprinted and is the best way to communicate information to your customers because its such a good size.

Cambrian donation boxes are also regularly used for business card draws, competitions, or ticket return boxes in stadiums and parks to prevent a waste issue.

Printing on the donation boxes can be arranged, generally on orders of more than 100 units OR we can arrange sign graphics to be appliled on smaller runs, otherwise just utilise the literature fold on the back of most models to insert your charity information as required.

Donation Boxes Floor Mounted are custom made to order with no Donation box the same. If you would like a quote can you please supply the following information below.

  • Dimensions – width, depth and height
  • a vector file of your branding and where you want it placed (if wanted)
  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Any other details including a diagram or sketch


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